Zach Miller is a two-time winner of The North Face 50 and has won such races Madeira Island Ultra Trail Race, CCC, Lake Sonoma 50 miler, & the JFK 50.  He is sponsored by North Face, Buff, Nathan, Gu, and Grand A recent documentary by Billy Yang is titled Zach: In Relentless Pursuit Of His Best.

  • 3:36 A mediocre start to running.
  • 6:23 50 miles sounded “out there.”
  • 8:36 On the start line with the best in the world. 
  • 11:46 “I just raced.”
  • 17:46 When victory led to change.
  • 21:38 Hard work, rejuvenation, and passion: Forming a niche. 
  • 24:53 Avoiding adventures to fit the plan. 
  • 27:43 Running without technology, being in the driver’s seat.
  • 33:16 Showing up for the process. 
  • 39:23 “This little piece of life we’ve been given.”
  • 42:39 Zach’s key questions to ask yourself. 
  • 44:04 Being a skeptic along the journey.
  • 49:13 What would a fun athlete do?
  • 53:40 80 percent of the population might hit this line.
  • 57:25 Pushing all the way up to the physical limit with your mental game. 
  • 1:00:46 Finding the rhythm of UTMB.
  • 1:07:13 Does it get you fired up? Add it to the calendar. 
  • 1:12:19 “All the little things.” 

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Dr. Rob Bell 

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