Phil Wallin is the owner and performance specialist of Diesel fitness  They train multiple MLB All-Stars such as Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez, and Starlin Castro, and consult with a number of NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and professional soccer players. Follow on Instagram 

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3:05 Taking a risk and getting uncomfortable.

5:45 The other side of leaving home. 

8:00 Grit breeds the elite.

10:48 Lessons learned from early coaching jobs.

13:40 The journey to entrepreneurship. 

16:11 Mental toughness: consistent hard work and confidence. 

19:40 Staying dialed into the process.

21:30 What athletes need: "a holistic approach." 

26:00 “When the times are uncertain, what do you have? Your mind and your body.”

28:27 Two possible outcomes: better or worse.

30:39 Once you get to the top it’s time to go back to work.

35:17 Expansion and authenticity: Phil’s high points. 

39:32 Hands in ice water: how Dr. Bell and Phil met. 

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