Tony Hofmann is a West Point graduate, Qualified Army Ranger, and retired colonel of a 26 year career. He’s has completed over 40 marathons/ultras, including 12 (and counting) Boston Marathons as well as the legendary Leadville 100. He’s an author of the book- Embracing Grit. 

He is the founder of Team Leadville focused on stopping veteran suicide and PTSD awareness. They finish as a team and everyone who has started the race has finished. Team Leadville has saved lives and raised over $216,000 and counting...

  • 3:21 Legacy in a small town.
  • 4:36 The turning point halfway through basic training.
  • 7:35 No time for grief. 
  • 9:28 Eyeballing the what-ifs. 
  • 11:37 It wasn’t love at first sight. 
  • 16:49 The 100-mile transformation. 
  • 24:26 29 minutes to spare.
  • 28:44 “Relentless forward progress.”
  • 33:35 Purpose, endurance, teamwork, and grit.
  • 38:27 Only as strong as the slowest runner. 
  • 41:57 Less than 7, but 14 of all.
  • 45:14 Identity found in purpose.
  • 48:05 How can I make a real difference?

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