Todd Gongwer is the author of Lead For God's Sake.

He has spent over 25 years building his expertise in leadership and team dynamics through a broad range of business, entrepreneurial and collegiate basketball coaching experiences. His powerful leadership and cultural development principles have been embraced by some of the most successful leaders in business and education, along with countless coaches and athletes from championship programs in the NCAA, NBA, MLB and NFL.

The impact from Todd’s message has also been featured by ESPN Magazine,, Bleacher Report and Todd continues to work with some of the top coaches and business leaders in America, and is a popular speaker for major universities, sports organizations, teams and companies throughout the country. He lives in Indiana with his wife and three children Kaden, Kira, and Wadson.

Lead For God's Sake-


  • 3:00- What is Mental Toughness?
  • 4:22- Battlefield of the Mind
  • 6:22- What is the Truth?
  • 7:32- Pattern in The Word
  • 8:20- Where do the bad thoughts really come from?
  • 9:35 What’s my calling?
  • 11:33- Todd’s HINGE Moment with the book.
  • 14:28- “Why you do what you do, has to align with why you’re here on this earth.”
  • 16:18- “You pegged my life.” Why Todd’s book has had such an impact on so many coaches and executives.
  • 18:02- What’s the big deal if the worst thing happens?
  • 21:06- How do we stay connected to our PROCESS and our WHY?
  • 23:48- How climbing ladders makes it harder to not only tell but hear the truth.
  • 26:40- How do we find people to point out our blind spots and tell us the truth?
  • 29:00- What’s the Invite The Stuff mean?


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Lead For God's Sake-


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