Suzanne Castle works with leaders and companies helping them with creative solutions because stuck is never the furthest that you can go. As a child, and professional dancer, she was involved in film and theatre, when tragedy hit; her hinge moment.

  • 4:42 “The kiss of death for a ballerina.” 
  • 7:53 Getting through, not getting better.
  • 12:04 Wearing a different costume now.
  • 12:30 How she decided to leave entertainment.
  • 15:46 The role of faith during tragedy.
  • 18:04 From ministry to coaching. 
  • 19:28 “Do you have a creator on your board?” 
  • 20:49 Overcoming being stuck.
  • 24:50 Suzanne describes “the Ask Method.” 
  • 27:19 “What have you tried so far?” 
  • 28:22 Consider what’s best for the team.
  • 29:46 Dreaming without attachments.
  • 31:15 Teaching someone to juggle.
  • 34:44 “Who do you want to be in 2021?”.
  • 36:37 Suzanne suggests how we create better brains.

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