Scott is a 3x PGA Tour winner, father, and husband. Scott was one of my first mini-tour clients and had the pleasure of coaching him through his 1st PGA Tour victory. He keeps getting tougher throughout the years and we discussed his transformation and overall grit and mindset, especially during the Pandemic. You'll love it! 

2:45 What mental toughness means for Scott, especially during a pandemic.

5:53 “We’re only going to make decisions on what we KNOW.”

10:16 What time in the gym means to Scott.

15:14 Scott shares his hinge moment with his health.

24:12 The turning point and his priorities beyond golf.

26:22 How Scott is using his platform to share his story.

29:50 “Its about you and what you put out.”

32:06 Giving kids the opportunity to play golf through his initiatives.

38:03 Scott’s advice for young golfers: “This game owes you nothing.”

40:01 Mindset dictates outcomes.

41:04 “Golf is the only sport in the world where you can do everything right and get a bad result.”

45:49 Scott’s perspective on starting with the hard stuff first.

49:10 The benefits of asking people what they’re working on.

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Dr. Rob Bell 


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