Scott Fawcett is the creator of the DECADE decade golf system whose system has transformed the game of golf to make better players at all levels. D.E.C.A.D.E. has helped winners at all levels, PGA Tour, LPGA, Mini-tour, champions tour, ncaa champions, etc.


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3:00 The most consistent golfer no one is talking about.

10:00 The “cancel culture” and finding common ground.

15:10 “Golf is more like shooting a shotgun.”

17:42 Playing the edges of the green.

20:32 90% of the highest golf scores reflect quitting.

21:22 Optimal performance with high emotions.

24:03 How do you evaluate gains in golf?

27:24 “No statistic tells us much on its own.”

31:16 Accidental meditation.

38:39 Recognize rumination while playing.

41:13 You against you: there is no opponent in golf.

44:13 Managing expectations.

45:26 The biggest misconception about strategy.

49:15 Fairways: PGA or LPGA?

51:23 Everyone is an expert on something.

55:12 Information before motivation.

57:18 The purpose of Scott’s work.

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