Rudy Sarzo is a heavy metal bass guitarist. He has played and performed with bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, and White Snake, among others. He still tours today and has been touring since 1977. He was voted #1 Bassist in Circus Magazine.  He is also the author of the book Off The Rails. 

  • 1:00 "Rob, I have to correct you."
  • 4:52 No one believed in metal.
  • 9:30 Noticing hard work and building connections.
  • 12:00 Look the part, and don’t be a bad influence. 
  • 15:20 The bass player sleeping on the floor.
  • 18:18 Every song comes from a spark. 
  • 20:07 “What doesn’t grow, dies.” 
  • 22:19 March 19, 1982.
  • 31:52 Timeless tragedies and the ripple effect.
  • 36:54“Overnight, I could talk to anyone.” 
  • 37:27 Surrendering life to God as long as his fingers keep moving.
  • 40:50 Free will vs. God’s will.
  • 42:13 Keeping up with Ozzy Osbourne.
  • 49:13 Celebrating 23 years of sobriety. 
  • 51:39 “Tenacity according to God’s will.” 

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Dr. Rob Bell 


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