Coach McKeefery, M.A., MSCCC, CSCS*D, is the VP of Performance and Education for PLAE and has been working as a strength and conditioning coach at the Professional and Collegiate level for over 20 years. McKeefery was named Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year in 2008 & 2016, and has had the privilege of working with over 80 players that have gone on to play in the NFL. In addition to a successful coaching career, McKeefery is also the best-selling author of CEO Strength Coach.

Table of Contents 

3:08- “The ability to perform at the highest level no matter the circumstances”; Ron’s true
definition of MENTAL TOUGHNESS.
5:59- Ron on navigating those higher levels of performance.
7:29- How to grow the muscle of Mental Toughness.
10:30- As a 7-year-old, Ron decided to take a different way home that led him to his HINGE
18:10- From a rough childhood to highly successful strength coach, what drove Ron to change
his path?
20:26- Ron’s answer for those who told him, “You can’t.”
23:00- What happened when coach asked his players if they were NFL material?
27:55- The 3 BIG questions coach asks all his players.
32:23- The impactful phone calls that changed the game for Ron as a strength coach.
35:54- How Ron compartmentalizes work so he can be his BEST self at home.
39:46- One thing Ron says we need to know to build Mental Toughness.

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Dr. Rob Bell

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