Rob Bent-is a scientist and co-founder of Som Sleep, the first and only ready-to-drink sleep supplement that is NSF Certified for Sport. Rob received BS and MS degrees in Food Science from the University of Florida and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. After five years of focusing on innovative beverage platforms for Brooklyn-based flavor house Virginia Dare, Rob moved out of the lab to spearhead that company’s beverage business for two years before helping launch Som Sleep in 2017.

Show Notes & Times

3:48- “Where strength and flexibility meet…”, Rob’s definition of mental toughness.
4:45- The vision behind SOM sleep and how Rob set out to solve the horrible sleep epidemic.
8:02- Solving the numerous preventers of good sleep; why Rob and his team took a 3-tier
10:10- Rob discusses the stigma behind struggling to get a good night’s sleep.
12:14- Why Mental Toughness is so valuable in entrepreneurship.
15:28- From making it in his kitchen, to requests from pro athletes…Rob’s HINGE moment with
SOM sleep.
17:47- SOM Sleep in “Sports Illustrated”.
22:48- “We have now sold over 250,00 nights of sleep”; Rob talks to the impact of SOM.

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Dr. Rob Bell


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