Rajeev Ram is a Professional tennis player on ATP Tour. He is a Grand Slam champion, winner of 2019 Australian Open in Mixed Doubles. Raj won the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and has won 16 doubles titles throughout his career, including Indian Wells.  he reached his highest ranking at 11 after winning. Rajeev has also won two ATP singles titles. His foundation is Entouraj for Kids, is providing the right path for kids through the game of tennis.  

Table of Contents

3:24- The breakthrough of becoming a Grand Slam winner.

4:46- The valuable lessons Rajeev learned from his unsuccessful moments.

5:50- How Rajeev defines Mental Toughness through his day to day practices.

7:06- What people don’t understand about the schedule of a professional tennis player.

8:34- The HINGE moment that made Rajeev feel like he really belonged on the world stage.

10:10- The experience of representing your country when you were supposed to watch from home.

11:08- Why the Olympics were different from any other major competition.

13:00- How deciding his own path for development played a roll in Rajeev’s lifelong love for tennis.

14:43- What comfort in his sport means to Rajeev.

15:52- Rajeev’s first experience playing singles at Wimbledon.

18:15- How Rajeev’s foundation, Entouraj for Kids, is providing the right path for kids through the game of tennis.  


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