Paul Higgins is a Community Builder, Mentor and Podcaster for Soloprenuers. Paul worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years running multi-million dollar divisions. In 2011, Paul had a kidney transplant in February 2019. He left due to an inherited condition and set up his own startups to suit his lifestyle. His best mate was the live donor. Paul has an infectious personality and is always giving first. You can find out more at where he has mentored 100’s of Soloprenuers to achieve success.

4:40 Paul illustrates a series of moments leading to his hinge moment.

8:10 Questions he asked himself when finding his true pursuit.

9:26 Recommendations for being a “solo-preneur”.

10:50 True mental toughness is brought to light when starting a company.

11:25 Three key principles he uses to help solo-preneurs.

12:13 “Time is everything.” Value your time and be efficient with technology.

13:15 Know your “ideal client.”

13:36 Pay yourself before paying others.

13:56 Sell and promote your services with confidence.

14:17 Surround yourself with a strong team for support.

15:20 Using dialysis as a time to work.

16:45 “What’s the best outcome I can achieve out of this?”

17:05 The perspective he gained from living with an illness.

18:45 Running a business despite personal health struggles.

20:30 His near-death experience and what it taught him.

22:12 The backstory of how his best friend became his kidney donor.

25:18 The three questions he asks himself before bed each night.

29:00 Paul’s view of mental toughness.

32:45 Being curious and proactive; a top mentality of successful business-owners.

34:00 The biggest mistake people make in starting a business.

35:25 How to create LinkedIn posts and grow your network.

38:36 All the people who doubted Paul’s ability.

40:37 The five drives discussed in Paul’s book.

41:06 “Working more doesn’t make more money.”

45:25 Final piece of advice: “use the disaster scale.”


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