Neil Richmund- Death of A Father 

Neil is the best marketing professional in Indianapolis (Voted by me)! He is an Aussie, an Ordained minister, entrepreneur, and former golf coach. 

3:17- How Neil Richmund defines Mental Toughness through his daily practices.

3:33 How can you have resilience during the toughest of times?

3:57- How to react to the tough setbacks.

4:20: How the death of Neil’s father was the best and worst day of his life.

5:05: What his grandmother made him do every time.

6:10: The importance of not viewing setbacks as endpoints.

7:49- Neil’s HINGE moment and taking tragedy and turning it into something greater.

8:20- You can not let a moment define you.

8:50- The impact of Neil’s father’s death.

9:44- You have to focus onward to be able to succeed.

11:12- If you don’t have a platform, you can NOT be mentally tough.

12:15- Finding the importance of knowing your WHY.

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