Mory & Denise- Running Across Indiana- 382 miles!

Mory Bailey- Started ultra-distance running in 2010. Completed multiple distances 50ks to 100ks driven by the “what if” mindset testing both physical and mental endurance. Eventually answered the call of the “hundo” in 2014. In 2015, she set out to complete five 100 mile races in 8 months, and since then over 30 ultras; 11 of them being 100 milers. As she celebrates her 2nd year of being a cancer warrior, in November 2018 she crossed Indiana, 382 miles from south to north.

Denise Poynter- is a wife and mother to six children. She has completed over 30 full-marathons, 9- 50 milers, and IT 100, st. pats 24 hr race, kettle 100, and the Jag 100. She supported Mory during her crossing of Indiana, South to North. 


4:55- “Never giving up…not thinking about the pain”; Mory and Denise define what Mental Toughness has meant for them.

6:44- Mory’s WHY for running 382 miles through Indiana.

8:46- The tough moments that tested Mory and Denise’s mental toughness on their long run.

12:20- Changing your focus when that negative voice creeps in.

14:01- The standout memory from crossing Indiana.

19:00- The inspirational bridge that the ladies crossed on their journey.

20:46- The planning, down to the MINUTE, that Mory put into all 382 miles of Indiana Crossing for a Cure.

24:00- How to train your brain to respond when you need it most.

29:06- Denise’s motivation for running and her “thought planning” technique.

30:46- What Denise learned about being mentally tough through those 100-mile races.

33:22- Mory’s lesson from all her races: Patience and a helping hand are always needed.

36:55- What Mory has to say about fueling your goals by others.

38:43- Denise’s life lessons she learned from running.

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