Luke is a speaker, endurance adventurer and mindset coach.
He has run through the Sahara desert, down Mt Everest, and through a tropical forest in China without any food, water, money, and with a plane to catch. In 2015, Luke completed a self-created ‘Ultimate Triathlon’ from Morocco to Monaco. This 2000km in 12 day cross-continental adventure pushed both his mind and body to their limits and beyond. 
An award winning documentary was made about this world first feat, and Luke was mentioned in Forever Sports magazine’s 50 fittest athletes in the world for 2016.
Luke has completed all these challenges, and many more, after battling with depression, and retiring because of physical injuries from a professional soccer career. 
3:00- You prepped for 4 years and just 2 days before the event, a major change happened! How did you deal?
8:19- We all make mistakes, and your crew had some issues as well, as you did, in your race. How did you cope with those setbacks with your team? 
12:20- Why don't you get upset? 
14:05- Is mental toughness and dealing with setbacks a muscle that you can build? 
15:02- I visualized everything that could go wrong. 
16:35- You tear your quadricep in the race, how did you're focusing on others actually help you?
19:30- You can always just take one step! 
24:00- Your Hinge moment was the decision to actually do the Ultimate Triathlon!!
28:47- How did you seek help from depression? 
34:12- Here's what we all need to understand about the key to failure!! 
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