Lisa Tamati is an ultra-endurance athlete and coach. Racing everywhere from the Sahara, to the Gobi, to Death Valley to the Himalayas. She has also had to overcome many obstacles in her personal life from losing two babies to bringing back her mum after an aneurysm left her with major brain damage, to getting through a divorce and financial ruin to rebuild her life. Her new book is titled: Relentless- How a mother and daughter defied the odds.  

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3:31 How she defines mental toughness: "water against stone."

5:00 Lisa describes her worst Ultra race. 

11:33 Her previous mentality on failure.

13:18 When her mindset began to change. 

16:45 How Lisa uses transparency as a way to connect to others.

19:42 Staying relentless in finding a cure for her mother. 

22:14 "I don't believe in comfortable."

29:51 How resilience and ignoring doubt led her to success.

31:22 Taking one step after another: what Ultra running taught her.

32:02 Staying patient on the way to the end goal.

33:13 "The tougher things get, the smaller the focus needs to be."

34:19 A story on how fears are false beliefs in the mind.

36:49 How a traumatic loss reshaped her perspective and mentality.

42:05 How expressing emotions helped her and her husband work through loss.

43:51 Lisa shares thoughts and stories on how to access our full potential. 

46:03 Proving people wrong as fuel after getting out of an abusive relationship.

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