Bill Belichick calls this coach " The best high-school coach in the nation." Kevin Kelley is head football coach at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock and has been featured on HBO Real Sports and Sports Illustrated. He was also USA Today national coach of the year. He has won 9 state championships & has a record of 216-29-1. His teams average over 500 yards a game. The best part is that coach Kelley never punts!

  • 2:57 A memory from his childhood imprinted like a movie today.
  • 5:47 Drawing on the strength of an 8-year old. 
  • 10:34 How will you feel in two weeks?
  • 12:27 “Now, I get it.”
  • 15:05 Someone counts on the least valued person.
  • 18:50 Forming coach-athlete relationships. 
  • 20:47 Reasons to continue: taking yourself out of the moment.
  • 29:04 Given self-esteem isn’t real self-esteem.
  • 36:19 The “it” factor in youth athletes.
  • 41:05 The nay-sayers test commitment. 
  • 43:03 “Was it worth it?” 
  • 46:39 Analyzing the process over the product throughout the season.
  • 50:26 Having intent behind every single decision. 
  • 58:29 Kevin describes having a voice in football analytics. 
  • 1:05:04 What would happen if you took media away from football?
  • 1:08:11 Common themes in winning and losing.
  • 1:12:42 Kevin’s take on icing the kicker.
  • 1:14:40 The greatest change in his philosophy.

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Dr. Rob Bell 

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