Coach Wadsworth stopped in an Olympic race to help out a Russian racer. One of the most accomplished head coaches in the history of the Canadian National Ski Team, Justin Wadsworth is a  three-time Olympian. Wadsworth served as the World Cup and Olympic Games coach with the US cross-country ski team before becoming head coach of the Canadian World Cup cross-country ski team in 2010. 

2:30- What Does Mental Toughness Mean to You?      

4:00 Mental Training Becomes a part of the team culture.  

5:40 The disappointment of Sochi Olympics.  

13:00 The Hinge moment of helping out a Russian Skier.

17:05 The culture of Cross-Country Skiing and the presence of mind to help.

19:33 What do you think people need in order to be mentally tough?  

24:40 How difficult is it to be an Olympic Coach? 

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