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John O’Sullivan is an internationally known TEDx speaker and the founder of the Changing the Game Project. Author of two #1 Bestselling books and leading youth sports blogger. The host of the Way of Champions Podcast, one of the top-rated podcasts in the world for coaches

3:04 John shares how people remember what we say.
6:15 What coaches need to work on most.
10:34 John discusses one of his coaching techniques.
13:20 "Coach the person, not the sport."
14:15 John defines "kind versus wicked" sports.
17:20 The ideal ratio between blocked and random practice.
20:15 The behavioral differences between males and females in sport.
24:07 Different coaching strategies for male and female athletes.
26:50 Examples of praising styles from coach Anson Dorrance.
29:15 Dominance and finding equilibrium in male and female sports.
30:17 John discusses his "Never Never's" in coaching.
33:46 John shares the story of the "Goldmine Effect."
38:16 "Talent needs trauma" adversity as fuel to success.
41:02 Managing parental expectations of young athletes.
42:59 The most important skills in a successful coaching.
44:31 John ends with his favorite coaching quote.

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