Joel Goldberg has been a member of the Kansas City Royals television broadcast since 2008, serving as the host of every pregame and postgame show on FOX Sports Kansas City. Joel built a 25-year career developing and maintaining strong relationships and last three (3) years has hosted a weekly podcast called Rounding The Bases.  His book is Small Ball- Big Results

  • 2:39 Joel describes his book and effective story-telling. 
  • 6:15 What Albert Pujols taught Joel about relationships after 10 years. 
  • 12:23 Authenticity, genuine curiosity, and reading the room.
  • 16:10 Joel reflects on working with Ned Yost. 
  • 20:01 Win or lose, there’s a job to do: Bring it everyday.
  • 25:35 Process over product, and believe the process.
  • 31:40 “I will not allow you to fail.”
  • 38:36 Joel recalls spontaneous, meaningful interviews with 2 stars.
  • 41:30 Eliminating distractions: “I’m not the guy.”
  • 45:45 The question of purpose is forever evolving. 


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