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Joe Skovron- Long-time caddy to Rickie Fowler
3:05 Discipline, adversity, the ability to perform under pressure…Joe’s three components to
Mental Toughness.
6:06- Where does preparation come into play with the mental toughness game?
7:05- Finding what works for you could be the key to YOUR success.
8:14- The mental components necessary for caddying.
10:08- How Joe moves on from mistakes at the moment.
14:35- How a chip on your shoulder could be a great asset.
19:53- What people might not understand when they watch elite golfers.
21:30- What separates the absolute BEST from the other top players??
26:23- Joe’s HINGE moment; how he got started with Rickie Fowler.
30:00- What youth golf parents NEED to know.
35:10- The experience of a junior golf star.
42:05- Joe’s best memory from his successful career. (i.e., Tiger Woods) 
48:42- Joe’s advice for building the mental toughness muscle. (i.e. Tiger Woods)
49:46- What it means to have a good attitude on the course.

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