Jeff Vierling is the CEO of Tailwind Nutrition. Tailwind combines complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes in a tasty drink that won’t turn your stomach into a brick. ALL YOU NEED, ALL DAY. REALLY. Tailwind will match every donation to support every hospital! 

Tailwind hospital product donation

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4:11 Jeff shares his hinge moment and the creation of Tailwind Nutrition.

6:22 The hinge moment in creating his business.

8:34 His perspective on entrepreneurship: “Just show up at the start line.”

11:08 “It didn’t happen overnight.” Jeff details the journey of creating his product.

16:04 The next step is helping athletes all around the world. 

18:19 The overlap in being an endurance athlete and a business owner.

20:24 “Entrepreneurship is a solo sport.”

22:47 “Pushing a boulder uphill” in business.

24:10 Adapting to the needs of the customers. 

25:59 How COVID-19 has affected his business. 

29:27 Bringing Tailwind Nutrition into hospitals.

31:48 Persevering as a team through the pandemic. 

35:05 Jeff’s view on exercise during the quarantine. 

37:15 The importance of using a virtual platform to remain connected. 

39:09 Problems are opportunities, not obstacles.

41:28 Jeff’s drive for community engagement.  

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