Jason Cutter has over 20 years in sales and is an inside sales coach. He is also a marine biologist who didn’t starting "formal sales” until age 27. He is the author of the book Selling with Authentic Persuasion: Transform from order taker to quota breaker. His podcast is titled The Authentic Persuasion show 

Learn more about our guest Jason Cutter- at jasoncutter.com

  • 3:10 Lessons from a car dealership.
  • 5:25 Poking a 7,000lb shark. 
  • 9:04 Marine biology, tech, sales, and Afghanistan.
  • 12:00 Using the mosaic of strengths. 
  • 13:30 Light bulbs and underdogs. 
  • 16:00 What most people lack. 
  • 18:53 Grasping abundance.  
  • 20:24  Survival tendencies.
  • 23:19 Still getting punched 7 out of ten times.
  • 24:46 “Sales is service.”
  • 26:57 Sympathy and manipulation.
  • 28:57 The pause.
  • 33:22 Giving up all the power and control. 
  • 36:51 One trait that successful salespeople have.
  • 39:27 “To” versus “for” and “with.” 

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