Gary Brackett was an undrafted free-agent in 2003 and won a SuperBowl with the Colts in 2006. He played in the NFL for nine (9) seasons. Gary earned his MBA and is a restaurateur and speaker. His goal is to have 50 Stacked Pickle restaurants in 5 years. Gary has a book which will also be a movie titled: Winning: From Walk-On to Captain in Football and Life. 

  • What is Mental Toughness?- :00
  • Why Gary practiced with the linemen.- 3:20 
  • Mantra of "give me what you got."the skills that transfer from sport to life.-3:41
  • The toughest thing that Gary overcame in life.-4:23
  • "I wasn't a football player! I was CDO- Chief Defense Operator."- 8:08
  • NO GAS- No One Gives A S____ - 9:24
  • The goal as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. How do football skills transfer? - 14:32
  • The Mental Toughness piece of advice for EVERYONE. - 15:35



Hope you enjoy!

Dr. Rob Bell 

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