Felicia Stancil is a United States Olympian in BMX racing. Stancil has won 14 UCI World Titles since starting the sport at age 4. She won Gold at the Pan Am games in 2015 and Stancil was awarded the 2019 Golden Crank Pro of the Year Title by Pull Magazine. She represents Answer SSquared. 

  • 2:50 Instagram with Reggie Miller.
  • 3:50 How Felicia’s family makes her stand out in BMX.
  • 6:20 It only took two World Championships.
  • 9:09 Process vs. product: Turning on the switch.
  • 10:09 150 sprints and giving herself a bedtime.
  • 13:10 Felicia reflects on how she became who she is today.
  • 16:11 “He just cares a lot, so he was nervous.”
  • 17:59  The difference 10 seconds can make.
  • 19:30 Breaking down the Olympic race.
  • 21:03 Crunch time.
  • 22:10 Mental flexibility as a necessity.
  • 23:06 Pain vs. satisfaction at the podium.
  • 24:45 Being all-out while being calm.
  • 26:03 Memorizing the course.
  • 27:17 It’s only 50 seconds without any rules.
  • 29:00 Felicia’s hope for young BMX racers.

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