Mike Pfefferkorn has spent over 30 years in the sports and entertainment industry. He has served as a sports agent, talk show host, and NCAA consultant, while additionally co-authoring 7 books for Major League Baseball. He has completed Ultra races and has served for 10 years as the race director for Indiana Trail 100 and Glacial Esker 40.


  • 2:55 Rule changes after signing a contract.
  • 6:48 Everyone got hurt, yet no one cracked the code.
  • 9:17 17 months as a long-hauler and taking a step back.
  • 12:51 Finishing 100-miles for the first time. 
  • 14:50 Going faster vs. farther. 
  • 16:36 Lessons from nine knee surgeries.
  • 20:30 Opt for something less. 
  • 21:51 Why people don’t cross the finish line.
  • 24:00 Navigating the bad patch: Now what?
  • 28:45 How to not overrun the race.
  • 32:27 Avoid an enabling crew.
  • 36:44 The story that stands out.
  • 41:05 Where to find a different perspective on humanity.
  • 42:32 Ultra running as a team sport. 
  • 46:40 “It’s more than just the runners.”

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