Jeff Byers is the CEO of Momentus. Momentus is at the forefront of human performance pushing the limits of what’s possible. They provide a deep portfolio of human performance products such as PR lotion and collagen peptides, along with products for recovery, fuel, hydration, brain health, and sleep.  They are with over 150 collegiate and pro sports teams. 


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  • 4:10 The consumers at the Boston Marathon.
  • 6:27 55 offers and the Gatorade Player of the Year.
  • 9:37 On another planet at age 19.
  • 11:30 From never getting beat, to always getting schooled.
  • 15:16 The USC philosophy.
  • 16:46 “You’re just one play away from the game.”
  • 22:25 Taking every penny from the school. 
  • 28:00 The bubble is just a bubble.
  • 30:21 Un-drafted: lucky and unlucky. 
  • 35:01 Playing for the job versus playing to win.
  • 37:52 Walking away from the NFL to build.
  • 41:10 Absorbing everything to get up to speed.
  • 43:26 The problem with “broscience.”
  • 45:05 The systematic-based approach for human optimization.
  • 50:05 175 professional and collegiate teams.
  • 52:31 Partnership with Dr. Huberman.
  • 54:45 “The ball always gets snapped.”

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