Adam Kerley is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and a certified strength and conditioning coach. He has worked with both collegiate and professional athletes with a career spanning through DI athletics, which is now Therapy Exos. Beginning in the past few years, Kerley works directly with PGA Tour professionals. 

  • 5:25 Lessons from the Kerley Trail. 
  • 8:24 Pete Carroll’s optimism applied to golfers. 
  • 10:34 Always the small kid.
  • 12:56 How playable was possible.
  • 16:40 Figuring out which bubbles to pop.
  • 22:57 Establishing the daily disciplines. 
  • 25:40 “Being a good steward of the gift of your body.” 
  • 30:30 Optimizing individuality.
  • 34:12 Reasons versus excuses.
  • 37:18 “You play four rounds and then you start over.” 
  • 40:36 Having a short memory on both sides.
  • 45:56 “Reject passivity and accept responsibility.” 
  • 47:49 Where one step can lead. 

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