Pratiti Pathak's coaching philosophy is centered on assisting entrepreneurs with achieving their highest goals with balance, not burnout, using a holistic approach. Pratiti works alongside her clients to create a vision and plan to achieve their unique personal, physical, and emotional health goals. All of which, she believes, form a strong foundation for business and financial success.

  • 3:14 “Manage your mind, not time.”
  • 5:34 The biggest time-waster. 
  • 6:54 Being the only Asian in her school. 
  • 9:21 Becoming a bully. 
  • 12:09 The first transformational moment. 
  • 14:39 What will you choose?   
  • 19:18 What shapes who we are is who we are surrounded by. 
  • 20:41 “This could kill you if you don’t pay attention.”
  • 23:57 Thankful for guilt.
  • 25:13 When everything shifted. 
  • 27:24 Fighting against the reality of what life is about.
  • 30:16  Building resilience. 
  • 32:05 “It’s about the stories we tell ourselves.”
  • 34:21 The only reason we get stuck. 
  • 36:21 We perpetuate what we fear the most.
  • 40:15 What do we want?


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