Coach Monte Lee is in his 7th season as the Clemson Tigers Head Baseball Coach. 

His time at Clemson consists of 207 wins to 113 losses, and 4 NCAA Tournament appearances. In 2016, the Clemson Tigers won the ACC Championship and were  Co-ACC Champs in  2018.

His tenure as a coach has included multiple draft picks, and before Clemson, he was the head coach of College of Charleston for 7 years and assistant coach for 8 years at South Carolina.

Overall, Coach Lee has had 483 wins and will eclipse the 500 win marks this season.

  • 6:50 Maximizing each day.
  • 11:52 “What now” and relationships.
  • 15:17 Isolation in the dugout.
  • 20:35 Connecting as a team in the modern day.
  • 26:15 Adapting to coach the new generation.
  • 31:34 The parallels of teaching and coaching.
  • 37:22 The two types of athletes. 
  • 41:34 Who you want on your team.
  • 46:28 Hard work and talent coexisting. 
  • 50:04 Start with the end: Latch to a veteran. 
  • 54:08 The summer before college.
  • 58:20 Those who are, and those who are about to be. 

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