In 2015, Karen Sparks was met with an unthinkable tragedy. On the six-year anniversary, Karen joins Dr. Rob on his podcast to share her definition of toughness, strength, and rising again; all with the help of faith, her community, and Ultra running. 

  • 3:47 Being the daughter of a high school football coach.
  • 7:14 Reagan and Grant.
  • 10:04 Shock, adrenaline, and the best possible therapy.
  • 13:43 When God and her children intervened.  
  • 17:31 The most courageous thing she could’ve ever done.
  • 24:55 Going through to get out.
  • 31:00 How pain and joy coexist. 
  • 39:27 Running 100-miles on the five year anniversary.
  • 46:47 There is no finish line.
  • 54:30 Never alone and made for something bigger.

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Dr. Rob Bell

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