Greg Adamson is the associate director in sports performance and is in his 10th season at the University of Tennessee. He’s worked with 23 different teams at Tennessee including: swimming & diving, golf, soccer, rowing and football. He’s coached Olympians from more than 10 countries as well as world-record holders, conference and national champions, and more than 100 professional athletes across nine different sports.

He previously served as strength & conditioning coach at Winthrop and Central Michigan where received his masters degree.

In this episode we are going to be talking about coaching, hinge moments, mental toughness and #Giveaship   S H I P


  • 3:07 Reinvention. 
  • 4:52 Never really got started.
  • 7:08 In a world of instant success… 
  • 9:52 The ships and their sails.
  • 14:01 “Confidence takes excuses away.”
  • 19:11 Sensationalizing the wrong things.
  • 21:34 Give time to miss it.
  • 25:41 Exploring team culture.
  • 30:34 Gratitude and the sophomore slump.
  • 33:40 “Belief is a separator.” 
  • 36:50 Discipleship: Who are you bringing along?
  • 39:26 Self-worth in spite of outcomes.
  • 44:00 Building a relationship and answering “why.”
  • 48:01 Wins and losses from a coaching perspective.
  • 50:15 Counter-challenging society.  

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