Coach Larry Jackson is in his 4th season as the Director of Strength and Conditioning with the Cleveland Browns.

Coach Jackson has 19 years of experience at the collegiate coaching level including coaching experience at Texas A&M (where he was a former defensive end) , University of Houston, and University of Oklahoma. He has spent time with the Denver Broncos (1995), Arizona Cardinals (1996) and Miami Dolphins (1997), and also played for the Barcelona Dragons of NFL Europe in 1998. 


  • 3:39 Selfishly competitive.
  • 5:43 Forming unity and falling back on training.
  • 10:59 Getting out as the backup.
  • 14:46 Show, don’t tell. 
  • 22:16 It started with the letter.
  • 32:54  The story of the “have not’s.” 
  • 42:01 Unconventional summer conditioning.
  • 48:12 Focus on the work.
  • 52:00 Nothing to do with talent. 
  • 53:23 Coaches are fans with really good seats.
  • 56:28 Development at the Pro level: Rome wasn’t build in a day.
  • 1:02:39 Losing it all to gain even more.
  • 1:08:58 What are you doing to get the outcome you want?

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