Coach McMillan is in his 13th season as the University of Tennesse-Martin Women's Basketball coach. They have won 4 conference tournament titles and 6 regular season titles. UT-M has been to post-season 9 times. Coach McMillan  has been Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year on 4 occasions.

100 % of players have graduated during his tenure, and the program recently had its 1st player in OVC history, Chelsey Perry, be drafted into the WNBA. 


  • 3:06 Developing a WNBA player.
  • 5:32 Don’t take anything personally. 
  • 6:58 The rarity of extra time.
  • 8:11 Creating adversity everyday. 
  • 10:14 Hard to define, easy to notice. 
  • 12:13 “I’ll stop coaching whenever I have to lower my expectations.”
  • 14:41 Water on a rock overtime.
  • 19:10 The ownership circle.
  • 20:51 Not coaching the final score.
  • 22:32 Parents: There’s justice in allowing this.
  • 26:04 “Isn’t that what sports is here to do for kids?”
  • 29:36 Processing a tragedy and life’s fragility. 
  • 33:28 Wanting to go back to high school. 
  • 38:41 The part coaches have control over.
  • 40:30 Eight storms coming together from a 10,000-foot view.
  • 45:32 Crockpot coaching. 
  • 47:19 The best can handle it.
  • 50:37 How do you sustain with change? 

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Dr. Rob Bell

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