Josh Sprague is the CEO of Orange Mud and Seven Clay where he lives out the motto, "innovation from frustration." After struggling to find comfortable hydration gear during a triathlon, Sprague decided to take action by creating his own line of hydration vests for other adventure racers. Nine years later, Orange Mud has successfully enhanced the field of endurance racing gear for athletes around the world. Orangemud

  • 4:14 Thought it was just a hobby. 
  • 6:33 An idea born out of despise. 
  • 9:12 100 stores in 1 month. 
  • 13:30 Taking it overseas.
  • 22:34 Breaking down “made in the USA.”
  • 25:45 Fueling the fire at races.
  • 30:36 Sizing that allows others to move.  
  • 34:38 Entrepreneurship requires endurance and adaptability. 
  • 37:05 The ability to suffer. 
  • 41:10 The number 1 piece to long-term success. 

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Dr. Rob Bell 

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