Coach Mo Brossette is the Director of Mindset at The Adaptive Training Foundation, a Dallas based non-profit that leads disabled military veterans and civilians through a 9-week mental and physical training program called “Redefine”.  He is the Founder of Hunt and Prosper, a leadership and self development company.

  • 3:12 Training for mental and physical evolutions.
  • 8:00 Maintaining tunnel vision and blocking out the noise.
  • 10:19 Summiting Mount Everest from your couch.
  • 13:33 The source of Mo's daily inspiration. 
  • 16:09 All you have to do is push the prison door.
  • 18:36 One night in Dallas.
  • 24:08 What you need to do to heal and move on. 
  • 26:47 The new alpha code.
  • 30:33 Defining masculinity and what boys weren’t taught. 
  • 35:06 Young Alpha Academy: What is it about?
  • 37:40 Seeing life as opportunity with more grace. 

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