David Newman is a Certified Speaking Professional and member of the NSA Million Dollar Speaker Group. He is the author of 2 business bestseller’s “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking.” He is the host of one of the top business and speaking podcasts: The Speaking Show. His team's mission: Build your platform, create authority, grow your business. 


  • 3:20 Becoming a million-dollar speaker.
  • 4:55 Hiding behind big names.
  • 8:10 Do it before you’re ready: Perceived risk. 
  • 9:33 Humility in accepting B-average performances.
  • 13:10 Goals without attachment: The external spectator.
  • 15:35 The 3 questions after March 16, 2020.
  • 21:27 Changing the path, not the goal. Understanding successful DNA. 
  • 25:28 How comfort hinders success. 
  • 30:01 Post-pandemic: “Yes, and…” 
  • 34:12 Personal branding and commercializing expertise. 
  • 40:06 What David offers for free.

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