Berta Medina after years of building, operating and growing her own successful business, took her experience and love for philanthropy to travel to Africa on a harrowing climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a mission trip to change the world for Maasai children. 

Since she reached the peak at 19,341 feet, she has re-envisioned the importance in the power of generosity.

Berta Medina is a Keynote Speaker, Professional Certified Coach, Author, and host of The Dreamers Succeed Podcast. 

  • 3:40 The proudest American she’s ever known. 
  • 6:29 Standing for the National Anthem and never standing again.
  • 11:27 “What have you done with Berta.” 
  • 16:32 Praying for a cow and receiving two. 
  • 24:04  The journal of Kilimanjaro. 
  • 27:25 A gift in the hut made of mud.
  • 32:12 Re-entry into the United States: “There’s no way I can do enough.” 
  • 33:28 The birth of Adventure Coaching.
  • 36:26 Lessons from hang-gliding.
  • 41:27 Can’t vs. Won’t: The misinterpretation of limits.
  • 43:20 Being a serial passionista. 
  • 45:15 What’s the problem?
  • 48:50 Breathing life into a child’s dreams. 

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