In 2011, Michele Graglia, discovered his true passion resided far away from the cameras and jet-set lifestyle of a fashion model. he started his ultra-running career.  He won his 1st race in 2012, which was everglades 50 miler. Since, he has been one of top ultra-distance runners winning numerous races. 

In 2018, he won The Badwater 135, the race across Death Valley. And he ran the 600 miles setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Atacama Desert in Chile. Most recently, he won Moab 240 in a time of 61 hours, 43 minutes.

  • 3:08 How chasing fulfillment saved his life. The Hinge Moment.
  • 9:49 The fire alarm in New York City. 
  • 12:34 Find your inner child and play again. 
  • 15:14 What’s the driving force?
  • 16:18 How he reconnected to himself. 
  • 18:38 The only way to rise back up.
  • 19:53 “How good? I had no idea.” 
  • 22:28 The key to longevity in sport. 
  • 24:18 Racing: enjoy it for what it is. 
  • 26:37 We shouldn’t let the mind make decisions.
  • 29:17 Moab 240: The new exploration is within.
  • 32:23 Mickey recalls the highs and lows of Moab.
  • 41:27 Detaching from David Goggins in the race.
  • 42:49 Hitting the top of both mountains during the sunrise. 
  • 46:11 A moment of complete despair right before the end. 
  • 48:20 “It was so uplifting, I started running.”
  • 51:05 The first step past the finish line.
  • 55:12 Defining true mastery. 
  • 59:00 2020 for athletes & runners. 
  • 1:01:18 Mickey’s message to detach and get lost.
  • 1:04:30 “Fear is a mental construct.”

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Dr. Rob Bell 

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