JD Gershbein is a coach, consultant, and business strategist. He's founder and CEO of Owlish Communications, a consultancy focused on thought leadership development and LinkedIn strategy! 


3:10 Living in the medical school shadow.

8:15 After plan A, where is plan B?

11:41 Answering the leadership call. 

15:04 The biggest call and the biggest gig.

18:30 “We’re pressed to be storytellers.” 

22:09 Taking pages out of improv comedy’s book.

26:19 The unique dynamic of LinkedIn. 

28:20 Pitfalls of the “spray and pray.”

32:56 The definition of thought leadership.

35:05 Rolling up the sleeves and positioning yourself toward results. 

39:01 JD shares what’s next as a social scientist.

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