Luke Tyburski is an endurance athlete, coach, speaker, and Aussie. His documentary is titled " The Ultimate Triathlon" and his book is titled Chasing Extreme. His show is Luke's Lowdown Podcast. He has done some amazing feats, including the #calendarclub which is running that day of the month. Hence 1 mile-day 1, and so on. 

Luke Tyburski

4:04 “Why?” 

10:28 Day 1: Just show up. 

13:40 Setting intentions early on. 

16:35 How to achieve success on a daily basis. 

19:10 Making recovery work through pausing and stillness. 

24:49 Conquering day 24 with one foot in front of the other. 

30:53 How to use pain to focus.

33:33 Finding a way rather than quitting. 

37:22 “What am I willing to risk to achieve this?”

39:30 The essential piece to tough challenges. 

42:53 Day 26 and the breakdown.

45:43 Moving forward, Luke would run more. 

48:25 Mentally recovering after training. 

49:58 Day 31: What did the finish look like? 

54:40 What remains after running 500 miles a month. 

57:00 “I choose discomfort.” 

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