As a 17-year old, his parents bought him the book Secrets of an NFL Scout.  From there, he’d tell his classmates, he was going to be an NFL scout and he did. Here is his story. Author of the book whatever it takes. 

3:30 Obsessed with a future career.

4:25 Total leap of faith: Putting in all he had.

8:39 The first call back. 

10:05 Lessons from the best coaches in the NFL.

11:11 Paying attention to ideas and people. 

14:10 Progressing forward one step at a time.

16:16 “Impossible is only a mindset.”

17:43 The most critical piece to team success.

19:40 A scout’s perspective: analyzing the intangibles.

21:59 The type of players to watch.

23:45 “It factor” facade. 

28:12 Every teams’ defining moment. 

29:34 “It’s everything to me.”

31:47 Daniel’s favorite athlete.

34:00 Decisions based on faith.

35:05 Faith, trust, and what’s next. 

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Dr. Rob Bell 

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