James Mayo Is Co-Founder of SOS Hydration.  It is medically developed and one packet is as effective as an IV Drip. A former short distance runner and entrepreneur, SOS Hydration has made an impact for healthcare workers during the pandemic. 

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:28 Born in a winery, influenced by medicine.

5:16 The only way to be all-in is to resign.

7:06 The British Army, professional running, and gut decisions.

12:25 Helicopters saluting.

13:19 “No is the normal, yes is success.”

15:48 Sending one green sneaker.

20:07 SOS as the element of success.

22:47 The important 75 percent.

25:30 The one ingredient James intentionally left out.

29:47 SOS and 300 hospitals.

34:16 Looking toward the horizon. 

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