Taylor Tannebaum is a sports anchor for WTHR in Indianapolis. She focuses on Professional sports, Colts, Pacers, Racing, and the Big Ten. Prior to Indy, she extensively covered the SEC at WTVY in Dothan and WHNT in Huntsville, Alabama. 

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3:10 Sports, media, and negativity.

7:50 Type it out and delete it.

10:16 “Everything is my own.” 

14:27 Reporting in SEC country.

16:20 Betting on herself to report in Indianapolis.

19:28 Trusting her gut for a new challenge.

20:20 “I am the person for this job.” 

22:43 Interviewing athletes: the key is really listening. 

23:16 Making chicken salad out of chicken scratch.

25:25 In it for the wrong reasons.

27:28 Listening, paying attention, and being seen.

29:16 Doing the story justice.

30:19 Off the record.

33:30 Taylor’s favorite interviewees.

34:49 Pivot at a moment’s notice.

37:01 Starting small and going where the job is.

38:44 Taylor’s role models. 

40:06 What sports can do that nothing else can.

42:01 Signed jerseys, parades, and childhood memories.

43:44 “Is it worth it?” 

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