Vasavi Kumar is a licensed therapist, coach, and speaker. From mental illness, divorce, addiction, and ultimately recovery, Vasavi is the epitome of Mental Toughness. Listen to her story and you'll have some amazing take-a-ways.

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3:14 Vasavi and her Hinge moment of rehab. 

7:27 “I felt very small.”

9:15 Removing masks: Reconciling insecurities.

12:13 Vasavi details how she got to know her own mind. 

14:30 The role of her higher power.

16:59 Is rock bottom necessary?

18:18 Vasavi shares her experiences in growing up in two different cultures.

22:00 “Who am I is who I choose to be.”

26:22 The most valuable conversations we have are with ourselves. 

30:32 Working out of abundance versus fear.

36:16 Vasavi’s goal for clients: Start listening to yourself again.

39:33 How to share openly and be confident in it.

41:39 Looking back on her hardest moments.

42:52 Vasavi shares her brief feeling of success: Say “Thank you.”

47:25 Worst fear: Not being enough.

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