Maggie Guterl is the toughest runner alive. She is not the fastest, but she has the strongest will. She is a brand ambassador and marketing specialist of Tailwind nutrition. An Ultra-runner, she was the winner of Big's Backyard Ultra, and thus the winner. This race is so brutal, it has only one finisher!

4:24 Her thought process before running 60 hours straight.
6:03 How she believed in her "don't quit" mindset.
7:45 Preparing for any scenario in a race.
9:32 The hardest training session that helped her prepare for the race.
11:08 Focusing on herself instead of her competition.
12:30 Staying in the game by believing in winning.
13:24 The toughest part of the race.
14:22 How Maggie passes the time while running.
15:20 Verbal cues to stay in peak performance.
16:05 Why races are a team effort.
19:30 "Running for an entire gender."
21:26 How stubbornness is useful in running.
23:07 Maggie's best mental skill: being all-or-nothing.
24:00 The definition of mental toughness.
26:28 ''If your heart's not in the training, then it's not good training."
27:26 Maggie's hinge moment.
30:48 Tough moments before finding running.
32:29 "Question your motives."
33:41 Doubtful people that pushed her harder.
35:00 "Because I can, I feel like I should."
37:45 Finding meaning in her suffering.
40:19 Maggie reflects on her experiences with the Barkley race.
44:34 The benefits of having a crew at the Barkley race.
45:46 Maggie's mindset for achievement.
47:14 A message to young runners: "Don't compare yourself to anyone else."

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