Donita Walters is a high-school teacher and swim coach. As a swim coach, she has coached many at the national level and the Olympic Games in Rio. She is an avid cyclist and her goal is to ride coast-coast across the united states, a total of over 3700 miles. She had ridden close to 5000 miles as her training for this epic journey when her hinge moment occurred...

3:30 Donita getting hit by a car.
6:42 Donita describes the details of her cycling accident.
9:45 Her first true memory after being hit.
10:35 The significant people involved in her rehabilitation process.
14:12 Her mindset and faith during recovery.
16:45 The power of prayer: truly the only way I survived.
17:45 How having an athletic mindset transformed her healing process.
20:34 Our difficulty lies in how we see our injury.
23:42 The perspectives and gratitude gained as a result of her injury.
25:25 Meeting the woman who struck her with her car: I wanted to be able to help her.
27:38 Donita describes how this incident made her a better person in all areas of her life.
28:34 I am where I am right now because of this accident.
28:56 Donita gives examples of how her coaching has changed.
31:45 The questions she asked herself while laying in the hospital bed.
32:21 The parallels between coaching and her recovery.
33:29 The positive changes that have been made for her swim team.
34:13 Looking at her athletes as a whole with empathy and compassion.
36:01 The life lessons from sports are more important than the wins and losses.
38:18 Donita's advice to parents.
39:29 Continuing to bike after her accident.
41:37 Her daily biking goal now: go faster.
45:21 Where I am today would not have happened without thousands of people.

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