Wait until you hear THIS Killer story from Sandy Zimmerman! Mental Strength and sharing your story!! Dream Big Dreams! 

This 43-year-old mother of three from Spokane, has been a Physical Education teacher for 20 years. Oldest woman and first mom to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior course. Played Division 1 basketball at Gonzaga University. A Former national judo champion.

  • 3:48 How Sandy became inspired to do American Ninja Warrior.
  • 6:33 Sandy’s passion for sport, and what competing means to her.
  • 8:03 Grit, determination, and persistence: the life lessons that Ninja teaches.
  • 8:37 Watching her child learn the power of persistence through training.
  • 10:54  Sandy’s big goal: overcome self-doubt. 
  • 13:01 Sandy describes the day she won American Ninja Warrior.
  • 16:30 How Sandy navigated the shame in her childhood.
  • 21:01 Trauma does not define her.
  • 24:46 Sandy defines mental toughness.
  • 27:50 The role that faith has played in Sandy’s journey.
  • 31:15 Sandy’s hinge moment: “You could go to the Olympics.”
  • 34:46 How she began dreaming big dreams in basketball.
  • 36:10 “I could change my family tree with this sport.”
  • 38:21 Part of success is having people on the journey with you.
  • 39:25 Sandy describes her spontaneous two-hour move as a child.
  • 42:50 How her love of judo translated to basketball.
  • 44:33 Sandy recalls the role that basketball played in her life.
  • 46:15 “You’re not good enough.”
  • 47:44 The impact of a severe injury on the way to play Division I basketball.
  • 49:12 “I found joy in the thought of proving all those people wrong.”
  • 50:42 Mental toughness is a learned skill.
  • 52:40 The power of hope and making small strides each day.



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