Kenny Aronoff has played drums professionally with everybody! 

Kenny began his rock career touring and performing with John Mellencamp for 17 years! When Mellencamp decided to take time off, Kenny was motivated to embark on his own. He fulfilled a lifelong goal–and became a sought-after session drummer, as well as a touring drummer.

Today, Kenny Aronoff spends his time touring, recording in the studio, and teaching people how to embrace adversity and gain confidence in their personal and professional lives.

3:50 Mental toughness and drumming.

6:09 Kenny shares an example of working hard from a place of love.

9:47 Both discipline and compassion can create results.

12:06 “Observe yourself from a distance.”

13:23 Kenny’s “red light”: not performing to his highest ability.

15:30 Kenny’s resiliency while working with John Mellencamp and how he stayed on with the band!

18:06 “It’s not about you, it’s about the song.”

20:06 Three characteristics Kenny attributes to his success.

20:37 “People are feeling creatures.”

21:10 The details Kenny paid attention to when observing others.

22:22 Kenny’s new business model: less is more.

23:06 How it felt to have a setback early on in his career.

23:55 Kenny shares small ways he drastically took his work to a new level.

28:33 Kenny shares a story how he began working with Bob Dylan.

32:20 Authenticity and trusting your gut. 

34:29 Kenny shares a conversation between him and Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky.

36:22 Kenny’s goal: make people feel comfortable.

38:02 Lessons on being a high achiever from John Fogarty.

41:30 Why Kenny chose Indiana over Jerusalem. 

45:37 “I took possibility over certainty.”

47:58 Performance is driven by doing what you love.

48:50 Kenny’s motto. 

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