Ward Jarvis is a mental performance coach with a focus on elite golfers. His interest in mental performance coaching stems both from experiencing the "yips" in putting during his teenage years and devoting much of his time to exploring the neuropsychological underpinnings of his stutter. 

  • 3:18 Approaching rather than avoiding.
  • 5:58 Another form of movement.
  • 7:55 The "atypical neuro experience."
  • 11:30 Mental skills for stuttering.
  • 13:00 In the frozen food aisle of Walmart.
  • 14:22 Calling Dillard’s every Wednesday.
  • 16:11 Managing anticipation.
  • 17:31  Stuttering and the yips in golf.
  • 25:19 Bringing order to the chaos.
  • 27:15 Cured versus smoothed-out.
  • 31:03 The mind moves through different moments.
  • 34:11 Success is domain-oriented.   
  • 35:40 Our brain can be the biggest distraction.
  • 38:03 Time to get good and time to stay good. 
  • 42:38 Time management is guilt management.
  • 45:24 Trained for the chaotic.
  • 48:39 The hardest call.
  • 51:02 Creating the technology of the future. 

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